To confirm and secure your reservation, payments, payable by checks, online check/ACH, money order, wire transfer of same day U.S. funds, or major credit card (“Payments”), is due at the time of registration. Early bird special price of $295.00 valid through March 31, 2018, no exceptions. Payments made by credit card and PayPal subject to a 3% transaction fee. BFC Academy may, at any time and with or without notice, cancel your reservation in its sole discretion with no right or refund.


All cancellations, for any reason, must be submitted to BFC Academy in writing and will be subject to a cancellation fee (“Cancellation Fee”) as follows: (a) if the cancellation is received by 90 days or more calendar days prior to the camp, all monies paid will be refunded, (b) if the cancellation is received at least 14 days prior to the camp, the Cancellation Fee will be $100 per player, and BFC Academy will issue a refund for all camp fees paid minus $100, and (c) if the cancellation notice is received by BFC Academy less than 14 days prior to the camp, or upon expulsion or voluntary withdrawal from the camp, the Cancellation Fee will be the full price of the camp. Refunds, if any, of any Payments in excess of the aggregate Cancellation Fee shall be processed within 30 calendar days of our receipt of your written notice.


BFC Academy features our Summer Readiness Program by partnering with Medicine in Motion and Round Rock Multipurpose Complex. As part of its Summer Readiness Program, BFC Academy 2018 will provide:

  1. volunteer medics,
  2. H20 cooling stations strategically located to best meet the needs of the players, equipped with
    1. six (6) 10’ x 10’ tents,
    2. cooling misters,
    3. water coolers,
    4. first aid kits, and
    5. in the event a player overheats, air-conditioned rooms at the RRMC clubhouse,
  3. strategic shaded areas,
  4. sunscreen and sunblock,
  5. plenty of water!!!

These climate-controlled rooms at the RRMC clubhouse are reserved for instances where a medic, parent or player desires that a player be removed from the field of play.

Additionally, BFC Academy 2018 players will be provided with a youth soccer kit with summer in mind: a breathable jersey and shorts that are designed to improve your player’s capacity to quickly cool down.

Please note that BFC Academy 2018 has no intention of competing with the Texas summer heat. The safety and health of your player is our preeminent priority. The coaches and organizers have each been given strict instructions to train most in the morning, and where appropriate, allow for, and prepare cool-down and strategy sessions for any occasional instances of peak heat before the camp ends at 1230pm.

We know July in Austin is warm, even hot! Depends on where you grew up as to how you rate it. We’re aware this can cause fatigue and dehydration and we will provide common sense solutions to keeping cool and hydrated. If you have concerns about your child’s exposure to summer heat we urge you to consult with your physician before enrolling your child in the BFC Academy camp.

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